Sunday, February 28, 2010

Me vs boys?

missing Zuberto..

Posting about this issue is mostly my dream..but the time was quite not suitable until I signed something in my ym box, my friend's status,'Kenapa Allah ciptakan CINTA?'

Erm..I'm not interested to write about what we call it 'cinta' but something similar than that.

I have been asked for this questions so many times ago but this latest one was from a man. Do you want to know what the question is?

"Kenapa Hasna' tak ada kawan lelaki?"

He added more,"Ustazah-ustazah lain pun ada kawan lelaki.."

I chuckled when I read it.hehe. What about your opinions guys?

For the last sentences, no comment can be delivered as may be they have their own reasons or may be they do not know the right way they shall be actually..erm..may be.

"Hasna' sepatutnya kongsi ilmu hasna' dengan sesiapa sahaja tak kira la dia lelaki atau perempuan.."

"Saidatina Aisyah selepas kewafatan Rasulullah pun mengajar di balik tabir"

Erm..another one made me more chuckled.

Who said I'm not sharing my 'knowledge' with man? With girls, surely each time they asking for help, I will try my best to be their teacher or may be just a small tutor..

But sharing with boys, have I done it?

Absolutely, yes…

As I remember, during my addmath tuition class in form 5 (as it was my first time tuition class ever), I was always been asked by the teacher to solved the addmath questions and explained it in front of other students, for sure there were boys and girls. I think it occurred in every addmath tuiton day.

In science tuition too (also my first time), I was always been surrounded by other students (mostly boys) and they asked for help in solving the questions given.

And, I have been as a teacher during my spm holiday. And as well as my students were from both gender, so it means I was always been boys' teacher!

So now, we have already knew that Islam allowed women to teach men. I mean different gender teach the other side gender. And so, I am so pleased to share my little knowledge with other peoples even they are from other side gender.


As a muslim who lives within His guidelines and knows well that for each acts she behaves will be counted and questioned by the Lord, surely I have to be alert.

As we have already knew, Islam is a miracle way of life. Even the way to communicate between men and women, it has been discussed for about 1400 years ago.

What are the simple guidelines friends?

1)Apa yang Allah kata baik itulah yang baik dan apa yang Allah kata buruk itulah yang buruk.

2)matlamat tidak pernah sesekali menghalalkan cara.

Sorry guys, my English is not so good for me to translate both of the sentences..nge..

So, clearly we know, for each act we behave should be preferred for these first.

Specifically, for the topic we are discussing now. So, as I have been already a teacher to the boys, let me tell you about some of my principals taken from His guidelines..(these practically I done for them who were in the same ages or for those I thought it was practicable)

-make sure there are no other boys who are more expert than or same with you. If there is one, ask them to refer him.

-taught them in a group. Not personally.

-Taught them for what in the syllabus only.

-during the lessons, never talking or allow them to talk nonsense words which not included in the syllabus.

-let them know you as a serious and principal girl that can't be fooled.

Erm..may be these enough already.

It is flexible for different students. You can ask my students in 1 Abu Bakar 2009 .(for those came from MATRI), how childish I was in their class…that was because I wanted to attract them (their focus actually) to be in the class as well as they were too childish.

For the 'dalil' Saidatina Aisyah r.a.ha taught men during the period after 'kewafatan Rasulullah s.a.w., it was absolutely correct as we as muslim guys have already knew. And can you mention that surely she took the same guidelines, wasn't she?

Are my explanations can be accepted?


We back to the first question.

Er..but I think, it is enough today. Can I write about it in the next post?

My books have already nagging me as I'm not focusing for my first exam yet..O my God..

Pray for me friends..


  1. salam ziarah ukhti
    waha...entry pembuka mata hati dan jiwa
    perjuangan berbekalkan batasan
    tercipta lelaki dan wanita bersama sempadan
    asal pagar syarak tidak dilangkah
    selagi itu insyaAllah urusan Allah permudahkan

    nice english post, even i haven't any

  2. salam ya akh..
    insyaAllah..Allah sang pencipta lebih mengerti ciptaanNya..

    Manusia saja yang tidak sedar dan suka mempertikaikan 1001 keindahan susunan garis panduanNya..

    hihi..thanks a lot friend..


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