Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 Rabi’ul awal..

di kawasan masjid itu tunggangan baginda di ikat..lalu bagaimana kondisinya sekarang?

I know him well since my childhood or may be earlier than that. Erm..may be since I was a little weak embryo in uterus (has already been moved out) of the great mum..

I clearly know him trough out our bedtime stories that was read by our beloved mum each night before we gone to sleep. It was really a memorable moment. My mum will read it with full of feelings, expressions and sounds that make the stories seem real happening in front of us.

I know his life, how it began, how he suffered as an orphan child, how he grew as a miracle man who was really honorable, sincere, wise, peace, kind, soft-heart and many more just from our best story-teller, my mum..

I know him as a great warrior, an incredible leader, a lovely husband, a blissful father and most tolerant person. That what I knew about him when I was still a child.

But, as well as I'm getting bigger (I mean bigger in age not size), I know him more and more. Deeply, I started to appreciate him. Absolutely, after I realized the true meanings of Iman and Islam and how significant them in my life as a muslim.

Muhammad pbuh, the person who totally sacrificed his life for his God and ummah. Nothing remind for himself. Just all he thought was to find the best way to share the blissful words and messages from Allah to all mankind.

It is still fresh in my mind, the sorrowful story when he and Zaid Bin Harithah r.a., just two of them, walking through the hot and sand storm desert to Thoif to find some people who may be were better than Quraisy and pleased to listen to God words..With heart full of bless and hope, he meet the leaders. As well as we knew, he was rejected and worst, he and Zaid were thrown by the uncivilized people some hard rocks till his slippers sounded splash of his own blood. Can you imagine how lot his bloods trickling down his body?

My tears rolling down my cheeks each time I read or listen about it. O Rasulullah, how great sacrifices has you paid to allow us being peace in Islam…

It was not enough there. There were a lot of chronicles we should valued most. From the battles, the love story of Khadeeja, the tough period of boycott, the beginning of Madeena empire and many more. It was not included the history of amazing bond among sahabah and surely unforgettable, their valuable sacrifices .

Truly, it was a hard beginning to perform us the serenity of Islam and Iman now a day...But, do we really care about it?

What can be seen, our own pleasure and happiness what we value most.

My murabbi said:

"Usah bicara lagi tentang dakwah jika belum benar-benar menghayati seerah"

I'm reminding myself..Am I truly love and admire him most? We always say, Muhammad pbuh is our truly guider and we will follow him to perform a good muslim life..But do you mention something slack?

He gave all his life for us, his tears, his blood and his efforts just to make sure we gain the worth value, ISLAM..

But do we perform it practically in our daily life? Do we really sensitive and care of what happen to our muslim guy around the world? Do we really concern to help other suffering muslim guy?

If Rasulullah is here now a day, being among us, what would he says? What would he respons?

O myself, how can you dream to be next to him when you can't follow him..

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