Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me vs boys? 2

there will never feel alone when Allah is there..

insyaAllah I will continue my writing about our last discussion..

Why do I not having any boyfriend?

I think, this question is one of the famous questions will be asked for muslim or muslimah now a day whose are same with me, not having any friends from the other side gender.

Boyfriend has two meanings. The first one is our classmates or may be our neighborhood friends or may be something like that. And the other one is who is someone special to us..

Let us discuss one by one.

The first one is boyfriend in the true meaning of friend..


First and foremost, we shall look for the reasons, for what we have to befriend with him. I myself, associated with my classmates for some important cases. We discussed and shared our opinions when needed. And it happened only in some emergency cases and surely must be aware by His guidelines..

Why it seem so difficult and awkward to deal with man?

The answer is, nope ..

Firstly, we must know well that Islam is not a prison which will firmly tight us off from having funs and enjoys in our life..

Islam itself was called as a peace. So if we follow its guidelines, the peace will embedded in our living souls for sure ..insyaAllah..

For me, having boys as your friends is much related to your own principals.. My principals, even my friends just expressing me "eh, kenal nampak ".. (for those who is unwell known and may be impossible to be known).. personally, it will be as the worse incident that made me mostly embarrassed.

As we already knew, Saidatina Aisyah, ummul mukminin r.a.h. said, "Solehah women covered herself to be unknown by the strangers and covered herself to know strangers.."

So my dearest friends, let us try together to be what has been told by Ummul Mukminin r.a.h. ..insyaAllah..

But it doesn't means we shall cut off any relations with boys..Surely, it is impossible for us to avoid from connecting with them as well as we live now a day in the modern wide world..

So, let us make up a good relation with them aware by His guidelines..

Okey, next discussion..

Boyfriend in the meaning of special one..

What about your opinions you prefer first-hand car or second-hand one?

For me, I will surely choose the first-hand one as I will be the first one drive it, right?

So, let me ask you,

Who will do you gonna to choose..the first-hand boy or the second-hand one?

The one who has already gave his love to another girls before, who has already touched another girls before, who has already expressed the words " I love you, honey" to another girls before, who has already spent his pocket money to buy some gifts to another girls before you as his true wife or the one who is purely free from that and you are the one who feel his love?

I myself, surely will choose the second one. The one who will give me his worthful love that not been given to another girls yet.

So my dearest friends, to gain the best one, we ourselves shall be the best one first. To gain the pure one, we ourselves shall purify our own first. Is that true?

For the last, I pleased to share you our God's word, who created us from nothing and then He gave us life not to be wasted but for us to fulfill the great mission..MARDHATILLAH and the last..His JANNAH..

What's the word?

"لا تقربوا الزنا"

Okey friends, I have to go now..My mum has already warned me "mak tengok kamu macam tak belajar ja.." Even it was quite impossible..How can my mum peering me while I am far away from her? Hehehe..But surely, with her deeply 'naluri ibu' she can know that I am truly quite lazy'uzubillah minzalik..

Pray for me friends..

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