Friday, January 8, 2010

To my housemates..

As my housemates seem love to imitate me by my words in this blog, surely they love to read my posts..hehe. So, I decide to write a poem for both of you, my lovely senior, kak 'Adnin and my beloved foe, Asma' huhu..

In my first time breathing air here,

In my first step walking down the street,

It seemed incredible for me,

To survive and get along.

I scared and daunted,

Leaving my mum, my family and my homeland alone

For my first time in my life..


We stay together

In this tiny miny home,

merely furnished,

But worth a great intimate and palsy-walsy spirit.

You teach me of forbearance,

Each time when I was nagged,

Especially by the 'specky' one..huhu

You teach me of love,

Each time you cared of me,

the unmature girl,

Who lives with two of the firstborn sisters..

You teach me of tolerance,

Each time we urgued for some issues.

Sincerely my allies,

I love to ask for your forgiveness,

For each slip tough I have done,

For each slack act I have behaved,

And I love to say,

You are the colourful pallies,

Those decorate my pleasure life..


I appreciate each moments we spend together..


Your housemate..Hasna'

Honestly, I'm not a good poet who can write a miracle poetry..But I try my hard to write from my deeply tiny miny heart..huhu. Sound a great sincerity I had ever heard..

Okey friends, I have to go now..My books are eagerly asking me to read them..

Please pray for me..


  1. thanks 4 the beautiful's really touch deeply into my heart..i humbly love to ask 4 your forgiveness 4 all my mistakes becoz i am just ordinary person and still trying improve my relationship to others especially my housemates....And the most important thing is we must help each other to upgrade our relationship with Him...advice me please!!... i will pray 4 your success n you must pray mine..

  2. syukran ya ukhtie..I really apperaciate it.. honestly, you are the most lovely and caring sister I have ever had..(exp my own sister..huhu)..You own a pure heart even it was deeply you and Asma' very much..hehe..


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