Monday, January 18, 2010

hari ini dalam sejarah (saya..)

Hari ini dalam sejarah hidup, saya pergi ke tempat yang sangat menakutkan, mengadap manusia yang sangat menggerunkan dan berhadapan dengan alat-alat yang mengerikan.

Di mana ya?

itulah klinik gigi!

Actually this is my first time, my teeth was extracted by dentist. Normally, I did it myself.

Huu..what a really horrible moment I had ever have in my life. And there are 3 more waiting for their turns in the following days. (tomorrow, next tomorrow and next to next tomorrow?!)

My gum keeps bleeding and pulses rhythmically. (Is my medical words correctly used?)

okey, let me tell you, I'm going to wear the 'iron one' which we call it as 'braces'..

While I was in secondary school, there were some of my juniors, seniors and friends wearing it and I kept wondering, is it hurt? Why they wear such that thing? Is it hard for them to bite and eat?

And now, I totally understand how it feels. hu..And I'm gonna be one of them.

Just now, my sis asked about this 'incident'. She asked about the doctor and many more. Then, at the last, she said, she wants to wear it

Is it true my sis?

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  1. no lah my dear.. just joking..
    just to c ur response..
    what a surprise you did take it seriously...



    *hugs from plymouth*


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