Monday, January 11, 2010

Specially to my birthday boy..

even you're taller than me, you're still my little brother okey..(",)

May be this post is more personally or family post.

Erm..Okey, I will tell you, actually tomorrow will be my little brother's belated birthday..And it means, he will becomes a 14th years old muslim teenager! What a really incredible moment I have.

It's still fresh in my mind, the special day when our sweet gratify home was blessing by a glorious new, that my mum would returning home with our cute newborn baby boy! My plump elder brother, my sister and me myself were frantically excited. We got a new member!

And I as the one who love to except from attending my kindergarten class, volunteering myself to be the babysitter .huhu..What a really brainy brilliant idea. Giving mum my hand in changing his diapers and taking him bath were my duties. I loved to spend almost my free times playing and crawling with him. He was really my best friend ever.

I'm still remember when I attended back my class after 5 (or may be more than that) months missing it, my teacher asked me.."mak kamu yang beranak ka kamu yang beranak?" huhu.. I'm chuckling right now.

But dear, to be honest, I'm not a good sister actually. As I grew up,I loved to be a selfish and cruel one. My little brother and I always quarreled for even a small matter. But I find, in most times, he humbly loved to let me win. O my dear little, how sad were you having such that kind of sister..

Sincerely, in sometimes, I thought having a brother was such a really trumpery thing in my life. I wished to have a sister for me to share and care of.

But wrongly, my thought was in an awry and foolishly way. Deeply, I proud for having a great and lovely brother who really takes a good care of me..

As tomorrow is his belated birthday, I love to write a poem or may be a letter dedicate specially to my little brother, Muhammad Thalhah Bin Hazni who now is studying in Sekolah Menengah Agama Kampung Laut, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia..

My dear brother,

You had once sighed sadly to me,"You had never called me like that"

When you found I loved to call my juniors "my dear sisters"

But I sensed nothing..

But now,

Deeply from my heart,

I clearly realize,

And I want let you know,

You're the only one brother I have,

And you're the only one I proud of.

May you grown up as

A sanctify servant

A blissful son,

A merciful brother.

An excellent student,

A genial friend,

And an intelligence warrior

Who will be as one of defenders of ummah..insyaAllah

Remember my little brother,

Islam needs us,

To take it away from the darkness..

May Allah's blessing on you in every moment in your life..

Actually I have much of words to write down but I really don't know why it is too hard for me to let them out. .erm.


Er..can I add some more words ? (",)

My dear brother,

Allah loves you so much,

Because of that,

He took dad away from you

Since you were still a little child..

He wants let you know,

He is the best guardian,

The best listener,

Who knows everything more than us.

He wants let you be,

A pure-hearted boy,

Who survives his life,

In His mercy like the rain..

In His bless like the warmth hug..

Remember my little,

Allah's tests specially for those He loves..

Deeply, your sister..Hasna'

Last but not least, I would like to wish you "Happy Belated Birthday my baby (giant) boy.. You're now a man, no more 'terhegeh-hegeh' and 'ngade-ngade' okey..

*sorry if my posting is much 'serabut'..

pray for me friends..

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