Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My English post..

For this post, I would like to write in English as my English is getting worst . I use English least here because arabs can't understand when I speak in English. So, hardly and struggling, I have to push myself to explain in Arabic with all of my efforts in body languages. And sometimes, I looked similar as a storyteller. huhu..with my hands up and down, making the style of walker and making my face full of expressions.

Actually, it should not be happen. From my opinion, the further we learn in Islamic education, the stronger must our language be. Yeah. Now a day, English is our world language. So, either we want it or not, we must master in it for us to share Islamic knowledge with others.

And the most important point is, we must change the way how people around us think of religion students. Foolishly, in their minds, all of religion students especially those studying in east are third class of minds. I really upset of that.

By the way, when I myself involve and be among the community of that kind of peoples, I realize that it is almost true and can be agreed.

Friends, I just want us to refresh back our main aim, why we eagerly want to choose this course? Some of students decide to choose this after they were poorly rejected by other courses. It doesn't a matter actually. But once you step in, you must focus and fully understand your responsibility of being someone who own the worthful title named 'ustaz' or 'ustazah'.

You must fully realize that you have a huge burden for you to carry in along your life when peoples start to call you by the name. And, your obligations are not just declaring 'that is haram' or 'it is haram' or 'bid'ah there' or 'bid'ah here' or others jerk words. All of that just will make yourselves further than community.

You must learn to give and guide others truly in lovely and peacefully way. Make them comfortable to study Islamic knowledge.. Try to follow the guiden of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in his Da'wa and Tarbiyya..

Gratefully, Yarmouk students are much differences. May be the reason is, we live together with medics, dentists and physicians students. So, we are always make them as our challengers in our social achievements..We think more in moderately ways..We creatively plan to attract moderate society..yeah. Honestly, they are our opportunities to study the way of real community.

Proudly, I love to stay and be one of the student here. In this Irbid mantiqah. What a lovely community we have. The combination of professional and religion groups.

I don't mean the other religion students those study out there are unlucky and unfortunate. Nope. The main point is, we have to change the way we think before asking others to change theirs of us.

So my friends, let we improve ourselves, the Islamic generations, who fully understands about Islam can be the leader of the world..InsyaAllah, Islam will rises soon..

*if there is any incorrect in my grammar, please help me to correct it…huhu..I really can't stop my English from getting worst..

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  1. GOOD JOB, sis! Proud to read it..! :-D

    Keep writing...in English.. if u love it.. nothing harm.. really love to read it.. it's kinda challenging me some how..

    hihi.. anyway.. Blogging in English.. believe or not... does allow more coverage..i-allah..

    anyway.. good work!

    salam wbt



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