Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today we got a special day. A day with special cares from hundred of doctors..

Actually this week is M&M week, which combines both of different professionals, science-stream community and religion-stream community.. M&M comes from MMJ (Majlis Mahasiswa JUST) and MMY (Majlis Mahasiswa Yarmouk). It will be held from 5 to 10 Mac 2010.

So, there will be some profit activities planned to be served for us, PERMAI I share it with you:

5 Mac - COMRADE : Career Talk (MEP5)

6 Mac - COMRADE : Mini Clinic

6 Mac (malam) - "Scientific Miracles of Human Body & Its System" (PMK)

7 Mac - i-WAH : Menilai Nur Kasih

8 Mac - COMRADE : First Aid Drill

9 Mac - i-WAH : Andai Kau Milikku

10 Mac - Malam Kemuncak M&M 2010

And today is the primary one that have been waited most..Mini Clinic provided us some free medical and dental check up. There were also some health talks and there were all about healthy meal, balanced diet, breast cancer and many more.

I tested my blood pressure and thanks God it was normal, about 90-60.. Commonly in Malaysia, I got low blood pressure, merely about 70-50.. While I took my medical check up for my application, the doctor was quite mad and she nearly disallowed me to fly oversea..(",)

Then I tested my blood group and glucose. Sadly, mine was B+. I wished to be in O+ group same as my dad, my big bro and my sis. Huhu.. Doubtless, most of mum's criteria embed in my blood.. That why mum always says, "most of my unwanted behavior clearly appear in your actions.."


I got some precious words from balanced diet talk. Let me share them with you..

"Kenapa kita nak kurus? Adakah semata-mata untuk cantik? Untuk menarik? Kita kurus untuk sihat..Kenapa penting untuk sihat? Jika kita lihat 10 ciri muawasafat Tarbiyah, ada trtulis tubuh badan yang sihat. Sebab itulah yang menyebabkan kita perlu sihat.."

I'm totally agree with her. We shall maintaining our health not just to be perfect but to gain a healthy life . How can we be a good muslim and help to rise up Islam back while we ourselves can't even help to move our body?

The messager pbuh had once said.." : 'Muslim yang sihat lebih disukai Allah berbanding muslim yang dhoif (lemah) tetapi kedua-duanya ada kebaikan"

So my dear friends, let us try to be a well strong muslimah..

'lembut bukan bermaksud lemah'..reminding myself…

Erm..,my first exam will start on 20 March so, may be I will stop posting for a while to let me focusing in my study..

the target mark not included the mark given by doctors in classes..insyaAllah..

may Allah helps me to let mum proud of me..may Allah helps me to let ummah gain something from me..ameen..

please pray for me friends..

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