Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final + nihaie + akhir..

My dear self,
Can't you let me free of laziness?
I can't stand myself..
O my God,
burst it out from me..

Wondering myself,
Am I so called selfish?
leaving mum alone far away,
with burdens of sacrifices,
just wants to let me fine here..
what had I done?
struggling hard just to push myself..

o My Lord,
am I blind?
ignoring around me,
Ummah is sinking!
can I still neglect to help?

I'm here to let Ummah free,
but, have I fulfilled what had I swore?

facing some personal problems,
my heart fulled of doubts.
lessons I got,
It's really hard to deal with guys,
so, repose yourself to Him
just Him know you more than yourself..

can't wait to make my first step down from air
on the ground of my motherland..
really want to refresh myself,
upgrading the lacks..
improving the bad side of mine
so, it can be much better..

please pray for me friends..

*I love to use english when my heart used to write..

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