Sunday, January 8, 2012

sweet status.

hidup ini berwarna unik. Tidakkah kita berfikir?

someone shared this quote on her fb wall and i think it's really an incredible-awesome-cute and sweet one. =)

when I'm older and my daughter asks who my FIRST LOVE was, I don't want to have to pull out the OLD PHOTO ALBUM.

I want to be able to point out across the room and say :
"he's sitting right over there, yes, your daddy

MasyaAllah. Kept smiling while reading this. May He blesses me with the same great feeling of be able to make him as the FIRST and the last ever love. insyaAllah.

Sincerely, it's not an easy one to keep your feeling away from dunya. And really hope  i am strong enough to make my wish (upper quote) comes true. ameen.

Ops. Forgot to say, 'him' is remain nothing. Please dunnot make any speculation yet, ok? 

foot note:
- sorry mum, just wanna share this beautiful quote. =)
-2 papers will come sooner. 14 and 16 Jan. Kindly, do pray for me ya. Hope will facing them with the best all out preparations.
-"we'll discuss this seriously". mum's words and i asked for a pause till i end up my final. and it makes me thinking twice to dial mum's number after my last paper. oho. May He eases me. 
-will be an aunt sooner insyaAllah. feeling something great to be a new person. (?). Will trying hard to learn having a little girl in our family as i havent ever had any little sis. I guess you'll come out less than a month, isnt it right Mukhlisah? ;)

Parenting starts before marriage and the first child you'll raise is yourself. 

- Will be out from Irbid, Jordan on 21 till 29 Jan.insyaAllah..
-thinking of writing something about 'women in Islam' that are least known by people specially in polygamy and inherited.
-lastly, nak pergi umrah T_T...serius cemburu dengan mereka yang ada mahram dan dapat pergi umrah musim sejuk ni.

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