Monday, September 12, 2011

Father and Son.

Among those things I love are pictures of fathers and sons.
It seems something perfectly and made my heart tears each time I gaze them neither just a capture of a dad runs over his little boy at the green park nor a dad chatting intimately with his teeny son in tea-time.

Deeply, I wish mine would be the same as I had none experience of it. I wish my sons would have a father who could be their best listener and friends ever. (ameen).

-remember the book 'tanggungjawab ayah terhadap anak-anak lelaki" that had once gifted by mum to daddy but till his last breath, it had never been touched.
-why i'm so serious of making the point - the urgency for men to know their responsibility on children home education, as I my self have experienced it. None of daddy's hand over the part, made it harder specially for the sons.
-It seems years have already passed for my last writing in english. O my.. sorry if it sounds awkward..^^#.

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